My Favorite YouTube Channels

My Favorite YouTube Channels

Good Mythical Morning

I often find myself watching YouTube videos when I'm bored, so I thought I would share my favorite YouTube channels and why they're my favorite.

For the most part, these channels are family-friendly. There may some videos in these channels which parents may not feel their children should watch, so keep that in mind. But there definitely isn't anything too offensive or sensitive for your youngsters to see.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

If there was ever a channel which presented science in a beautiful way, Kurzgesagt is definitely it. As they themselves state, videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism. The graphics bring life to anything science-related, covering subjects like the universe and space, all-things-human and global energy. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Here's a couple of my favorites.

Periodic Videos

If you're into chemistry, Periodic Videos won't let you down! Video journalist Brady Haran and the University of Nottingham chemistry department have put together an amazing archive of videos covering all 118 elements on the periodic table! With plenty of science humor and lots of educational value, you're sure to learn something new.

Here's a small collection of some of their best moments.

Good Mythical Morning

And finally, my all-time favorite YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning. Rhett and Link have become quite the YouTube stars, and are considered two of the most popular "internetainers". A daily morning talkshow featuring short 10-15 minute videos covering a wide range of topics, sometimes presented as challenges, will brighten your day right from the start! They have won many web awards and are consistently gain around 2 million views for each episode. Highly recommended for everyone!

Let me know what YouTube channels are your favorites in the comments section below

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