UIkit for Drupal Enters Beta Phase

UIkit for Drupal Enters Beta Phase

As the UIkit for Drupal project becomes even more stable, we now enter the beta phase of development and testing! This allows us to start working towards a release candidate in the coming weeks. The API is now considered frozen, except for adding new features not requiring anĀ upgrade path. Suggestions for new features will be reviewed in the issue queue only.

This means we can begin working on supporting v3.x.x of the UIkit framework and start porting the theme to Drupal 8. We'll start with an 8.x-2.x branch to support v2.x.x of the framework, moving onto an 8.x-3.x branch to support v3.x.x of the framework once development of 8.x-2.x is fairly stable.

7.x-2.0-beta1 Release Notes

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