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Now that we have a fairly stable beta release for Drupal 7, it's time to begin porting UIkit to Drupal 8! With so many fundamental changes between themeing Drupal 7 and 8, it's important we follow this guide to ensure all changes needed are followed. We should see a smaller footprint of the project with Drupal 8 due to these changes. In Drupal 7 the footprint is ~145 KB, which is still considerably smaller than other popular frameworks ported to Drupal 7. Here's a comparison of a couple frameworks ported to Drupal 7:

As the UIkit for Drupal project becomes even more stable, we now enter the beta phase of development and testing! This allows us to start working towards a release candidate in the coming weeks. The API is now considered frozen, except for adding new features not requiring an upgrade path. Suggestions for new features will be reviewed in the issue queue only.

UIkit for Drupal development and testing has progressed smoothly over the last few months, enough so to enter the alpha phase! Although no major bugs or issues have been found, we'd still like to remind those using the theme it is not recommended for production sites. We're shooting for a stable beta release by the end of March, sooner if no bugs are reported before then.

You can view the release notes here: uikit 7.x-2.0-alpha1

The UIkit for Drupal theme has passed the project application review process and is now able to have full project releases! This was a major step in bringing UIkit to the Drupal masses, as now we can begin working towards a release candidate and our first stable release. There is plenty of work to do, so I'll be busy getting together a plan for getting to a beta release. This will include completing all documentation and API, provide theme implementations for all UIkit components and resolving all outstanding and/or upcoming bugs.

On April 4, 2016 I was awarded an ownership transfer of the uikit namespace on The previous maintainers could no longer give the time needed for development of the project, which is why the transfer took place. I have been working hard on development for the last few months, so it is pretty much a working theme now! There's one caveat though. I have not been given the permission to promote sandbox projects to full projects yet, something that I am now working on. But you can get the development branch through git: